Museum Solutions

Welcome! We are professionals in Museum studies, Management and Projects! Working for museums  10 years, we are glad to give you our expirience and time for museum projects. Please  Contact us!

"Museum Solution" group is a team with a leading experience in museum creative thinking, project-based design and planning in Russia. 

Since 2011 we have been part of opening and expanding more than dozen museums all over Russian Federation.   We believe in museums influence and changes and try to do our best to make museums more participatory, inclusive, educational and entertaining.  The experts and consultants of Museum Solutions share a idea for creating new kind of user and particularly family museum experience.  Our projects include work with Local History museums, Art Museums, Natural History Museums, Memorial museums and Museum-Exhibiton Centers.

Alexander Artamonov, Natalia Kopelyanskaya, Anna Shcherbakova - co-founders of "Museum Solutions" group. We have experience to work at museums on both sides as museum employees ana museum consultants. We work with developemnt of  "Polenovo" - Vassily Polenov museum-estate, Almaty United City Museum, Anton Chekhov Museum-Reserve, Perm State Art Museum, All-Russia Museum of Decorative and Folk Art, K.A.Timiryazev State Biological Museum,  as well as the part of family interactive net itinariries in museums St.PetersburgMoscow and Perm.  

We produce museums strategic projects, resulted with an interpretive and interactive design concepts for permanent and temporary exhibitions. We provide integrated programme  many of the Russian largest experience projects. - curation of the learning, children's and interactive exhibition and programs for museums as well as IT in museums. We offer the professional museum training courses for museum professionals at regional and national level. Also Alexander Artamonov is deeply involved in producing the museum and cultural institution web-sites - Stroganov HeritageRybinsk Art Museum and many others.

We are members of ICOM Russia and ADIT communities

Our publications are available at our site and in the professional periodicals. 

Natalia Kopelyanskaya, Anna Shcherbakova, Alexander Artamonov

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